Play Modern Warfare II with me!

First up, find yourself a copy of CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2 (2009). You can buy and download the game on Steam, BUT don’t run it via steam due to the exploits that I’ve mentioned in the video. Running it through Steam can cause you big problems, so don’t do it!

However you’ve gotten hold of it, install the game. Make a note of where it’s installed.

Once the game is installed, however you’ve chosen to do it, download Alterware from

Unzip the alterware download in the main Modern Warfare 2 folder the setup just created, then run “alterware-launcher.exe”

When it launches, type “1” then hit return. This will start the process of downloading all the required files/maps etc for the alterware server browser.

Once it’s finished downloading the files, the game will load. You can then join servers from the front page. To load the game in future, always use the same “alterware-launcher.exe” and select “1” to play multiplayer*

*you can play the whole single player game by pressing “0” then enter, and you can also access the “spec ops” co-op missions from here, although I’m not sure how easy it is to join a friend on those as I’ve never tried.

We’re hoping to get our own server set up, as stated in the video, but you’ll see that there are already a lot of community servers to play on.

I hope to see you all in the game sometime!

1 thought on “Play Modern Warfare II with me!”

  1. Used to live these games back in the day especially World at War. Sight in my left eye has gotten worse over the years so after 30 mins I feel like I’m on a rough sea.
    So would be a okay for the odd game here and there.


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