Densha De Go (Switch version)

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  1. Looks like good fun that. And some fascinating insights about Japanese culture and the insertion of confectionery into bottoms. Only in Japan! Sorry to hear about your various thwarted game development ideas. One genre that seems to be all the rage these days is the Adult Visual Novel. Many of them are made on an engine called RenPy and some of them absolutely coin it in on Patreon. Would love to see a FunkySpectrum developed AVN or Dating Sim. Suspect it would be refreshingly different to a lot of the dross that’s currently on the market. Thanks for another excellent video anyhow sir.

    1. me and my mate actually made a prisoner cell block H in space renpy game years ago. I was speaking to him about it recently, though, and neither of us have a copy/any of the files. it’s a shame as it was quite funny. I think that now, with AI, I could probably make quite a crazy one! I might have a look back at it again.

    1. it’s really good, mate. it’s not REALLY as much of a sim as a lot of the other titles on the market BUT it’s actually fun, which most of the other games aren’t. As I stated in the video, you can just wave your phone at the screen these days to get things translated and once you know how the game works it’s pretty simple to play it. It’s not for everyone but, personally, I have always enjoyed the DDG series of games and this IS probably the best one. It’s got PS2 level graphics but the last one released on PC was Densha De Go final about 20 years ago but there’s a full english fan patch for that if you fancy giving it a try. Still, if you have a switch or ps4 and can stomach the import price then I recommend picking up this latest version! Thanks for watching mate and I’m glad I managed to convert someone!

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