Ashens IS balls deep in the Barcadia catastrophe…

18 thoughts on “Ashens IS balls deep in the Barcadia catastrophe…”

  1. There was a lot of talk at the time that the 25k was going to prop up S&D. I was skeptical at the time about that, and since S&D accounts are now public domain on Companies House, I think I was correct.

      1. Blimey, you’re quite right – for some reason I thought the Kickstarter was in 2022 (didn’t take long to go to pot).

        Oh well, another year to wait for that to be revealed then.

        1. Yep, we’ve got to wait until April at the earliest and probably months after that given they seemed to have filed their tax return way after April.

          1. Slice and Dice have £95k due >1 year. Who knows what that is, but it could well be a loan within their capacity to repay. Time will tell.
            It doesn’t look like a £25k donation would make enough of a difference to concoct such a scam.

  2. This reminds me of those idiot people who try and open a restaurant. They sink everything they have into it, then re mortgage the house, then get family to invest. In the end it fails owing a ton of money and people lose everything. Because they ignored all the advice, and did not take an hour to do some research. It is hardly ever a case of “if you build it they will come any more”

    1. The internet has nothing to do with the failure of a real brick and mortar business or lack of real human customers due to the ill advised 7 basic Ps of Marketing. Nor running a business based on your GSCE you got from Cromer Academy and your parents funding your arcade addiction on Cromer pier in the 1990s.

        1. That’s a new one. Price, Product, Place, Promotion, People and Processes Physical Evidence. Not to name drop but Retro Replay appears to have mastered all 7. Enough to have parents during the holidays bonding over their nostalgia with their cool kids newfound 80s, 90s retro trending. Although the recent closures in The Mall Vegan and an Anime/Sci-Fi store, suggests The Mall is actually charging Units on rent now.

    2. Things are only going to get worse. I watched an update video from the 8-bit Dork where he’s going on about how his revenue from Youtube is 10% of what it was. These people are all going to turn on each other as money from Patreon becomes essential.

    1. He sold his “new” megadrive for £600 on Ebay despite it clearly not having the preverbial hymen of the original outer retail cellophane or a price tag sticker from an old retail store intact. His other items were……..he didn’t have any. Plus a cryptic tweet another shareholder went bust meaning he was financially ruined. Slice and Dice or some other grifter?

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