Elden Ring – Was it really that great?

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  1. To be brutally honest…


    I can only echo what you said, whilst i finished it (unlike Sekiro, which i abandoned early on), I found myself questioning myself as to if I had actually enjoyed it.

    I’ve been a Soulsborne fan from the start, Bloodborne being the pinnicle for myself, but as the last, big title i ever played before getting out of gaming, I felt I went out on a whimper with this one, rather than the bang i expected.

    Game was simply massively over hyped.

    1. I agree, mate. It’s a bit of a gateway drug, I suppose, as it sold an order of magnitude more than any of their past titles BUT, yes, for me I feel the same. No elation when I finished it, no desire to go back for NG+ just “meh” and, once again, I will say that it’s a monumental piece of work, it just doesn’t tie together in any way as well as their older stuff. Bloodborne is, as you say, the pinnacle and will probably remain so.

  2. Elden ring is my favourite From Software game – I loved it from start to finish. Like all the other souls games aswell and would rank bloodborne a close second. Elden ring is the only one I’ve been able to finish so maybe that’s why lol. For some reason I can’t get into the demon souls remake on PS5 though (I did originally like the PS3 one) 😊

    1. Demons souls is really front heavy, I find. I always enjoy doing boletaria but the other levels, meh, they descend into “let’s get this out the door asap” territory. You can tell that it was an abandoned project that Miyazaki was basically experimenting with. I think Boletaria ranks up there with some of the best Souls levels, but some of the other levels are a bit cheap. I can’t afford one, but briefly told myself I needed a PS5 for it. I didn’t end up getting one, but it wasn’t a financial decision. I just didn’t think I would actually want to go through it all again on PS5, either, just to see art that looks amazing BUT doesn’t actually chime with what I have of the game in my head. I think the remake team did a great job on the visuals, but they’re not Demon’s souls to me. For example, Boletaria looks like some grand palace now, as opposed to a functional, imposing garrison. It was never meant to look like that.

      I really loved Elden Ring, don’t get me wrong, I just felt I meandered a bit and it was too easy BUT I did do pretty much everything in the game and (as much as was possible) cleared each area before moving on to the boss in the locality, so maybe I was just overpowered.

      Bloodborne is an amazing game. It’s one of the great injustices of the world that we’ve not been graced with a 60fps PC port 🙁 Give or take 10 years and we’ll hopefully be able to play it via emulation, but I might well be dead by then lol!

      1. I definitely don’t think that the Demons Souls remake justifies the price of a PS5 (for me anyway) but I’m sure others would disagree. The backwards compatibility on Xbox series x is great and loads of previous era titles automatically upscale in resolution and 60fps. This doesn’t seem to be such a priority though on PlayStation, and I agree it’s criminal that they seem to show no interest in either updating the frame rate on Bloodborne (it plays the same on ps5 and only seems to load a bit quicker) or giving the game the proper love it deserves – be that on console or PC

          1. yes, it’s the usual from software “time everything against the frame rate” hence why their games are always frame locked to 30 or 60. Sony even said they didn’t want to/couldn’t give Bloodborne to a 3rd party studio as the frame timing issue is so overbearing and the code is an absolute mess decipherable only by From themselves. HOWEVER, one person managed to get it (more or less) working even on PS4 pro (no need for ps5 for 60fps) but, sadly, that’s only for modded consoles as you say. I just wish they’d bung enough money at the developers to get a skeleton crew sorting it out, it surely can’t be impossible. Maybe some subroutines would need re-written and even timings modified but it can’t be completely out of the question, I don’t think. Still, it certainly seems to be for the time being. I don’t think it’s going to happen and it’s a shame as it’s unarguably their finest work.

          2. You’d think it would be possible to double the frame rate and double any constants used. But then not everything works in a linear fashion.

        1. No, I agree on the Demon’s Souls point. Seemed weird that it basically WAS selling systems, too, on launch as it was the killer app. A PS3 game that was/is EXACTLY the same under a new coat of paint and some QOL improvements regarding item management.

          No idea why they’ve not gone deep on Bloodborne and fixed it up. Seems like madness to me. THAT is a system seller, for sure. It certainly sold me a ps4!

  3. Elden Ring was my first FromSoft game and I found it to be an incredible experience. If being in a state of constant terror and panic is seen is as fun then yes, I really enjoyed this game. I’ve since picked up Sekiro and based on the starting areas I think I’m going to enjoy this too.

    1. I think it was a gateway drug for a lot of people, mate. it IS an incredible game but, for me, I prefer the linearity of the older games. There’s a certain “FUCK OFF” to them that Elden Ring doesn’t quite nail due to the open world nature and more spaces to run away to :p I would fully recommend dark souls 3 and bloodborne (if you have a ps4 to play it on BUT I did play through it with my mate who played on pc using PSnow as it’s on there to be streamed). I think Bloodborne is the best one, I’m pretty sure that took years off my life as I really felt like I was going to have a heart attack at a lot of points! I did like Sekiro, but a bit less than the others. It’s still a really great game, though, and another miserable (but amazing) experience :p

      1. Haha. Maybe the ability to run away when things got tough was the appealing part for me.
        Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll add Bloodborne and DS3 to list and will keep you updated on hair loss and accelerated cardio disfunction

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