GUNBIRD 2 Perfect Playthrough

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  1. Who’d buy a 6th generation Dreamcast to play zx spectrum (moon cresta) amiga (banshee) tier vertical shooters? Looks like gunhed (well erm blazing lazers not to be confused with blazin squad) on the turbografx mixed with divine sealing on the japanese only megadrive release but without the exceptionally well drawn hentai (well ecchi not to be confused with ecco the dolphin).

    1. Can I comment that Norwich’s retro game shops don’t half sell some tat and have zero heavy hitter exclusives worthy of a lock and key display case?

        1. Yes Norwich does appear to be an epicentre of retro gaming drama. Kim(ble) Justice pub crawls, Peter Leigh and friends Octavius Prime, east anglian retro gaming (con)ventions featuring dubious circle jerk YouTubers, Retro Replay arcade known nationwide and One Life Life unto Albion Games.

          1. But the Retro Hour guys are in Nottingham? 🙂

            I do love the recent RH episodes where they’ve been downplaying their knowledge (or lack of) by saying they’re just some mates chatting on a podcast.

          2. Retro Hour guys of whom Dan Wood adapts redundant gaming consoles using soldering irons to connect them to the internet with 100’s of security issues and that’s before you trust internet banking blaming “lack of updates on your device phone” for your bank’s current account being cleaned out.

          3. Some mates called Dave and Alex have also been downplaying they aren’t some government controlled opposition too on a podcast. Their guests are probably on the payroll too. 🙄

      1. I acquired all the common Sega and Nintendo machines about 10 years ago but it’s too much hassle to find all the wires, controllers. Got an entire drawer full of them. I’d sell a lot of them if I could be arsed.

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