Densha De Go: Yamanote Sen – How to play (In English!)

7 thoughts on “Densha De Go: Yamanote Sen – How to play (In English!)”

  1. Thanks for that George. My copy is being imported from Japan as we speak, so I will no doubt be referring back to this video when it arrives.

    1. ace, mate, if I’ve managed to help 1 person then the video is worthwhile. You can always give me a nudge on Discord if you need anything explained, too, but I think with this video it’s quite self explanatory. One thing I think I started to mention but maybe didn’t get around to is the maintenance men. You’ll notice them from time to time at the side of the tracks. To “salute” them you have to hold down the horn until the tone changes (it’s obvious when it happens). They’re the only time in the game you need to do this, but it’s the only way to get 3 stars from them.

      1. It’s the Switch version.

        The on-the-fly google translate function is amazing. If you’re stupid enough to buy the Japanese version of Ghost of Tsushima(because it was really cheap!!) you’ll realise that despite it having an English narrative option, everything else from menus to controls is in Japanese. That google has been a god send.

        1. there’s this, too, if you want to go PRO lol :p sadly, such a peripheral was never released for the ps4 version. There was a game update to permit its use on the Switch, though. I suppose the PS4 got the PSVR version, and the Switch got this BUT although there are a fair few levels to the PSVR one, it’s NOT the whole game. With the Switch version, obviously you can use this controller for the whole thing. There’s also a blue version, and they usually sell out quite quickly. These just came into stock a few days ago:

    2. also, as I mentioned in the video, my mate just came round and started waving the google translate app at the screen and he was able to understand what was going on without me providing a running commentary – although I still continued to do so. Nothing better than a bit of backseat train driving!

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