Ratcatcher’s Trump files: Octavius

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  1. Interesting the video mention those “fetlife images” which are purported to be her.

    From my findings from trawling the 4chan archives, those lower body images aren’t her, but of a woman who is named as “Holly”. The leaker, which i believe was her boyfriend at the time, went by the name james.baxter93 or baxter9542 on snapchat.

    The guy leak quite a few images, and the lower waist ones match up with the ones that were attributed to octavius.

    1. octavius has already said that people had pulled some of her images from fetlife. i’ve not seen any photos of her. i find her very ugly so have no interest in doing so and i’m effectively asexual thanks to disability so would derive no emotion from looking at them save for pity, I would have thought. I mean, how pathetic and needy do you have to be to seek approval online. Then again, that’s her whole schtick, isn’t it. So, to answer myself, “you have to be as pathetic as octavius”

    2. The fetlife pics are very easy to find. I shan’t link to the forum where they are posted, but a simple search took seconds.
      She once tweeted about having a photo sesh to feel better about herself, and shared a few clothed pics. One of her topless pics was actually a profile pic, cropped. The one where she gives the middle finger wearing cat ears. Lots of full body nudity in the selection of photos. On the one hand she’s telling us how she feels like a man and hates her body, on the other she’s getting her tits out and even hiding it in plain sight. She is a fraud.

  2. She hasn’t got time to wash as she is too busy writing her book.
    Well looking at a screen while pouring another glass of cheap ASDA prosecco.

    1. logging in to chatGPT “write me a book about someone who is an inept arsehole with nothing to really moan about, but make it very depressing, boring and narcissistic. also add crash bandicoot”

    2. She seems to have found the wash&go and a comb for her recent outing to be in Digitiser. Funny how she can do that at will.

      Also I recently noticed that Norwich Games Festival have snubbed Peter Leigh, as they seem not to have reached out to him for this year’s events. He’s not even a featured channel on the festivals YouTube page. Ashens and DYKG are.

      1. I guess someone has their finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the scene.

        I watched part of a youtube video yesterday on the history and failure of Normal Boots, the gaming collective site started by JonTron. It mentioned some people dropped off the site and DidYouKnowGaming took their place, I guess that’s why the site failed.

    1. Only partially I’d say. You clone any voice using a clean audio sample and then tell the text to speech AI to say whatever you want. You get much better results (as with this example) if you employ a human brain to write the script.

      Some really famous personalities have already been cloned and made available to use, but you usually have to subscribe to a premium plan to access them for any project longer than a few hundred characters.


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