1. in 17 days time I think, HOWEVER, you can pledge any time. Your card/payment source will NOT be charged until a day or so after the campaign is over, or at the very earliest at the end of the campaign. If we don’t hit the total, it’ll not be charged at all. Pledge as soon as you can, mate! 🙂

  1. All the best with this project – it looks great.

    Not sure I’ve purchased a book since I had W H Smiths vouchers to offload 30+ years ago (curse the younger siblings for rejecting my generous offer to exchange those things for their real money).

    Hopefully I’m not representative of your target audience, George!

    But I owe something for the laughs and entertainment you’ve provided since I discovered your unique charm. And in any case, it looks like there’s a load of pictures…

    1. yes mate every page has pictures :p and there’s a graphic novel, too, which has many pictures :p thanks for your support mate ! it’s sure to provide some laughs 🙂

    2. not sure who my target audience are, to be honest, this is a book with quite a wide appeal, I think. I mean, it’s about video games, personalities and consoles MOSTLY, but all of those things are made up and it’s all very stupid (apart from the graphic novel, which is quite unpleasant and bleak lol). So it could really appeal to quite a lot of people, as no prior knowledge of anything is really required!

        1. absolutely correct mate! anyone can pick it up and enjoy it. it also has the benefit of being self contained, so no “outside knowledge” is required 🙂

  2. Nice going George, I’ve just added my pledge.
    I’m looking forward to reading this…considering the book’s title, have you gone super-meta and have added in something about GrimGrimoire?!

    1. not sure mate, it’s slowed right down. i hope so, though ! i had sort of hoped we’d get enough backers quickly, it’s probably nothing but i tend to worry/obsess about stuff lol it’d be just nice to get it to the “funded” level so i can concentrate on churning out more pages !

      1. It looks pretty good so far. Maybe one of those communist PCB manufacturers or VPN providers could be coaxed into sponsorship in the last 24 hours of the campaign?

          1. Has he been up to much lately? I got my last mini Zzap 64 last week (cancelled my sub due to his involvement) and he even mentioned the sprog in that.

        1. lol i wouldn’t even know how to go about that, i’ve actually offered a few ad spaces (for free) to people who’ve provided the same for me in the past but everyone has declined them being as the entire book is a piss take lol i don’t think they want to be mixed in with the nonsense which i can fully understand 😛

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