CONSTIPATION – Altar of the Jobby God

Constipation, from the Czech Republic, have been gracious enough to contribute a track for backers of George’s Gaming Grimoire (and everyone else in general). None of these farts are edited or elongated in any way. No AI was used in the creation of this music, or the farts within it.

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9 days ago

So this is where you’ve been! I was wondering the other day what happened to you. I’ve been catching up on your videos and I wanted to know how I can get into your discord server. I checked the how to join the discord server post but, as with so much of the content from over a year ago on this website, the video won’t load.

11 days ago

Lovely stuff!
Especially liked the bits that sounded like an elephant with his balls in a vice, a Lambretta starting up, and a man with a balloon animal stuck up his arse!

Also I imagine this is what Miles Davis sounded like when he got the shits.
Some nice guitar work too mate!

Señor Moon
Señor Moon
12 days ago
Reply to  George

The ‘artwork’ is poo-ly reminiscent of some of the delightful Cannibal Corpse album covers from the early 90’s…