Siren City

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      1. it was also based on turbo esprit, the old spectrum game, too, and some other stuff. the guy behind the top-down GTA stuff left rockstar ages ago, I’m not sure he was even involved in 3, but I might be wrong.

  1. My god George – where did you dig this game up ha ha. Crazy Kong by Ian Gray is hands down one of the worst games I’ve ever played – a crushing disappointment with my pocket money back in the day! China Miner is another one of Mr Gray’s – Mamemeister likes that one and used to play it regularly on his channel 😊

    1. I have fondness for Interceptor games. I have quite a few of them now, collected them when I was buying C64 games. I sometimes do an impression of the speech on Tales of the Arabian Nights, when I played that to an ex who was curious about old 80s computers she said it was scary.

      I bought Trollie Wallie with xmas money one year, along with the Select 1 compilation. Then later Wheelin Wallie and Get Off My Garden which has a scrolling message that runs all the time and talks about bongs. Needless to say I think a lot of pot was smoked while making that one.

  2. I remember my brother borrowing this game from a school friend. Took an age to load up and was okay, nothing special. This was the early days of the C64, I’d seen a few spectrums but when it came time to get a computer my brother picked the C64. I’m glad he did but the early days of paying dire games while wondering why Atic Atac, Jet Set Willy weren’t on C64 was tough. In fact, the first few months were on a black and white TV as well. Was only when the main TV stopped tuning into all channels except one, that I got a colour set.

    Of course by about 1985 the C64 was getting some cracking games.

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