Ridge Racer 64 – The Black sheep ?

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1 year ago

Thanks for the shout and for at least trying the game (and making, narrating and uploading a video in a few hours)! – I guess I have fond memories of playing it on my N64 as I love Ridge Racer on the playstation and the N64 never really have many decent racing games so I made sure I picked it up when I saw it; I suppose I ignored its shortfalls at the time.
Your review was spot on though; it can at times feel more of a shunting battle (with both the cars and the track) than a race and your explanation of box collision does ring true but I still like it and to me it feels ‘ridge racery’ enough. I also think the number of tracks is pretty generous for a single game and although there aren’t the excellent tunes like ‘rare hero’ and ‘rotterdam nation’, I think they did a god job with the soundtrack especially given the storage limitations for a cartridge game.
Never try the DS version though. Even with a DS.

1 year ago

You’re definitely playing this one of the PC by the looks of it – it’s much blurrier on the real N64 hardware! 😊

1 year ago

This is the only console entry I’ve not played! Along with Wipeout 64, it’d be one of the reasons I’d pick up an N64. Not really a fan of the console otherwise.