EVIL DEAD – Now on Steam !

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Max Levin
1 year ago

I’m all for more commentaries, just not for something like Gods of Egypt, please! Also, for some reason I’ve always had trouble syncing the film and your commentaries, suddenly there’s a 10 second gap between what happends on the screen and what you react to. Anyone else has this issue?
Btw, wasn’t tossing a pen at people/cameras something AVGN tried for a (short)while? But lets listen to the worrrds, the worrrds of the developerrrs…

1 year ago

Have you visited Ohio because you’ve really got the accent down to a tee! 😉
You mentioned some more FunkySpectrum film commentaries could be on the cards? That would be great.
And regarding your budding Jane Levy obsession, I remember at one point thinking Mary Elizabeth Winstead was shaping up to be a good Scream Queen, despite releasing the odd stinker (ooer). Haven’t seen her popping up as much lately though.