Another favourite of mine, and somewhat derided at the time of its release, is NEO DRIFT-OUT. Part of the Drift-Out series, and in my opinion it’s the best one!

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17 days ago

Always been a favourite this one – I like Over Top on neo geo aswelll. I’m pretty crap at this though!

18 days ago

I’ve had this rom for ages and I really should play it as it looks like a laugh, I’ll ditch the switch this weekend and play retropie for a bit.
Regarding ‘Beat ‘Dis’ – The album has the US radio edit and I think the ‘crazy beat’ version is the UK radio edit (my ‘house hits ’88’ tape had the latter), I can only assume this was because ‘funky beat’ could sound a bit like ‘fucking beat’ to an elderly BBC censorship person who’d never heard of funk music and therefore made Tim change it so it could air on top of the pops and radio one.

19 days ago

Great vid George. A couple of things:
1) find watching the 3d stuff difficult as I’m partially sighted in my left eye. They make me feel a tad seasick! Don’t get me started on that early 2000’s fad of brown 3d games.
2) What’s the discord details, the vid with them on doesn’t work.

Also at the end you sounded like you were in bits mate. Do you want us to get the quartering to send you some cash?