Storm Racer G – Arcade playthrough

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6 thoughts on “Storm Racer G – Arcade playthrough”

  1. I watch Kurt Caz videos as I did Steve Irwins show, hoping to see him get spit-roasted by natives. Which is never going to happen, but one can always hope. To be fair I do appreciate getting shown the not-so-touristey-parts of the world, but he’s such a bellend going around pretending he understands what people are telling him. “Oh! Ah, nice! Hahaha! Ciao… There you go, avoid this place in Bulgaria, people.”

    Also, sorry for rarely commenting your videos, I’ve been logged out almost every time I enter this site, and I am as lazy at logging back in as Kurt is at learning courtesy.
    Huge praise to you for making videos even though you are in great pain. I barely feel like doing anything with the pain-stings in my feet.
    Have a speedy recovery, mate.

    1. i would have pain in my feet mate as they’re covered in plantar-pustular psoriasis, as are the palms of my hands, but i can only feel my hands not my feet :-/ they are painful, too, though, but not as much as the dull, continuous burning in my head! this is all i really have to do mate so i like to at least do something or i’m just in bed or in my chair watching netflix and suchlike and that’s not very productive!

  2. Splendid stuff, George…your Saaaf African accent is actually pretty good.
    I have Saaaf African relatives and when I see them, it’s like Lethal Weapon 2!
    Diplometic immunetee…

    1. yes mate! are they racists or are they nice people? My mate knew a south african girl and some of her “opinions” were not very progressive 😮

      1. No, they are not nice people at all. Racist as shit, loud, thick , arrogant and obnoxious.
        Just like the b-side of the Spitting Image ‘Chicken’ song you may have heard.
        “I’ve never met a nice South African”!

    2. i do like this game, though, it’s a good racer. i didn’t mention but you can also do the tracks in reverse. i miss racing games like this, they don’t appear on consoles or the pc any more, really. I suppose it’s then great to have the arcade games emulated BUT the arcade games tend to offer a more condensed experience with often not much longevity, whereas home versions will usually add some stuff to bulk the game out a lot.

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