Mamemeister interviews Funkyspectrum

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  1. Just finished listening mate, very enjoyable interview. I’m 100% with you on Bloodborne of course which is almost certainly my favourite game of all time. I think I’ve put as many hours into it as it sounds like you have! I’m also totally with you on Sonic too. I never understood the appeal, to me it was a button masher and hope for the best type of game which is instantly boring to me. It looked and sounded great but the gameplay had zero appeal for me. It was Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga, looked and sounded amazing but played awful! Mamemeister sounds like a great guy so will give him a sub on youtube. Once again good work mate 👍🏻

    1. Good stuff mate thanks for listening! Yes, Bloodborne is BRILL I wish they would port it to PC so we could get it at 60fps. I have a ps4 pro, though, and that’s the only reason I upgraded from the ps4 standard as there are a few less hiccups on Bloodborne with the pro :-p I must have done at least 1000 chalice dungeons mate it’s ridiculous! I think they are an absolutely great idea and it’s a shame they don’t feature in any other fromsoft games. I actually ignored them on my 1st playthrough as I didn’t really understand what they were and I’d heard they were boring but no they are not boring at all I think they’re ACE and I didn’t realise that they hold different bosses and weapons etc. Bloodborne is from’s finest game for sure. Yes, Sonic, meh, I don’t like it. I do actually, from time to time, enjoy the Mario games as I can see an “aim” and there’s more out of the box thinking involved with secrets and weird glitches etc (that seem to be intended). Sonic just seems completely flat, boring, and I’m really not sure how I’m supposed to be playing it. I never got it and never will, I don’t think. Yes Mamemeister is worth a sub mate he does a lot of community interaction stuff and a lot of live streams which are nice to watch. I’m obviously banned from YouTube so I can’t even comment/join the chat which is a bit of a bugger but I watch along with a lot of his streams.

    1. Nice one George – we’ve been lobbying mamemeister for a while to get you on his podcast! I’m most interested in finding out your ‘nice’ and ‘nasty’ selections – definitely giving this a listen tonight! Keep up the good work mate 😊👌

      1. there were loads of games on my shortlist(s) but I chose those at the time. thanks for the lobbying mate I hope you enjoyed the episode. I really need to get a better mic for online chat. When I record my videos I use a space recorder which is much better quality but it doesn’t work as a “live” usb chat thing.

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