BARCADIA: Breaking up is hard to do.

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      1. lol yes, big in the game, eh? what a fucking farce, honestly. this bullshit should NEVER be forgotten. “i’ve had the year from hell” yes, after taking 25k from your fans and pissing it up the wall you pea-eyed wanker!

      1. were they not google reviews, if that’s what you’re talking about? I didn’t even realise Barcadia HAD a trip advisor page, I’d only seen google reviews until now. There’s a fair few of them, clearly by circle jerkers and acolytes. Pathetic!

          1. I think so definitely mate I NEVER really look at google reviews for anything. I usually forget they exist until someone links me to a funny one. Oddly, Spanish people seem to swear by them, with most Spanish people NOT using Trip Advisor. Then again, their idea of a holiday is going 5km up the road so I suppose they don’t need advice on trips.

        1. That’s possible, Lord Bum. I didn’t take notice of the previous site and assumed it was tripadvisor, as that’s pretty much the default to check for reviews here and spammed to the top results. Rolling through the search hits and I find diddly squat. Even this Breaking Up video appears on the second page already.

          Roll on the companies house updates and annual returns to see where that 25 grand went.

          1. May 2024 seems like an eternity away. Barcadia opened in May 2023. If I was cynical I’d say they opened in May to allow for the maximum amount of time before people get to see the accounts.

          2. yes mate I think that’s where we’re both confused, it was all mostly google reviews that people have posted about in the past (with, as stated, most of them being from Peter’s bumchums)

      2. The old “sprinkle some coriander over the microwave food” approach. Not saying it is microwave food, but still, it doesn’t look like much effort went into it.

        Loaded fries? more like dirty protest fries.

          1. I do like Coriander, it’s just completely inappropriate to sprinkle it over onion rings. I despise chives, though. My mum used to get cheese with chives in it and it was fucking horrible.

  1. interesting to see a fair amount of criticism against nostalgia nerd’s latest video in the comments, another one scripted by octavius and rather obviously so, and at least one person asking about barcadia too

    1. I think the worm is slowly turning, mate. People are seeing his grift for what it is. Peter should just absolutely fuck off, and then when he’s fucked off he should fuck off AGAIN. He’s a witless cunt that knows about as much about retro gaming as he does about running a bar. Between the two of them, they’ve created a hell of a toilet!

      1. I spotted it ages ago. I wondered why his videos suddenly were crediting loads of other people. I pretty much unsubbed when started making all these videos about haunted BBC micros and other nonsense.

    2. Started watching the video and it’s awful right from the get-go. Making bald assertions about how it was “easy” to get into the video games business back in the 80s – what? And then footage of him *stroking* his Commodore 64 and Spectrum? Urgh. Plus his voice has managed to get more irritating – he has zero charisma, he sound bored and – because it’s not his own script – he can’t even read it out with a natural rhythm, wrong emphases all over the place, like he’s an AI voice. Utter dreck. At least his older stuff sounded a bit more authentic, and like he had some basic interest in what he was talking about – this just sounds like what it is, something he hasn’t put any effort into himself, just got someone else to write a script and he’s read it out and that’s it? Oh, and STUFFED to the brim with awkward, badly edited sponsor segments.

      1. yes, the narration is very bad. he is so bored of all the things he has to read, there’s no interest there. also very stretched-out, like he had a time quota to meet and not nearly enough material to work with.

      2. Wasn’t easy at all. Many people said they started out without assemblers and other tooling. Some devs poked all their code into RAM and then risked the computer crashing and losing it all.

        1. Exactly. I’ve interviewed enough of the developers from back then to know it was hard in all kinds of ways, there’s the stuff you’ve listed, but there was also the shocking, cut-throat commercial side where publishers would outright steal games submitted to them by young coders. It happened a ton of times, and there was no contractual protection – a lot of them were teenagers and they were taken advantage of, as publishers knew there was little the teen coders could or would do. The idea that it was this “easy” world where anyone with a bit of coding knowledge could get a game published is just nonsense. He would know, if he’d ever actually spoken to anyone who was around back then.

          1. Yep and don’t forget there was no online forums, docs or sites to ask questions on. You had a book and if that wasn’t clear you had to experiment. In my days of coding music software on the Amiga I read the Amiga OS reference guide to find out how to do things and that was never totally clear. I’d often go take a nap and try again (I didn’t have a surfboard controller to guru meditate on) and eventually I’d get it right. That wasn’t even in machine code but C.

          2. Everything the nostalgia nerd says is basically shit. He’s a fucking idiot. He’s like “the man down the pub” of gaming. He’ll say anything that comes into his head and his audience know no better so they’ll just nod in agreement. He’s a bullshitter and an arsehole.

          3. It’s good, though, as it means they earmark where they’ve stolen their ill-informed nonsense from. Trips them up every time :-p

    3. I’m stunned he has so many subscribers. His channel never comes up in a recommended feed, so I had to sully myself and search for it. And those comments… Geeze, talk about crawly bum-lick.

      1. I reckon most of the people writing those comments are from the US – probably explains why Barcadia flopped so badly, he was counting on all his YouTube fans flocking through the doors, but no matter how much of a fan they might be, your average American isn’t going to fly all the way to Norwich in the UK to play on some dusty old arcade machines and chomp down on gunky fries covered in glacé cherries.

  2. The most suspicious part about this is the lack of details or reassurance going on.

    It’s all well and good telling people that plans have changed, but is there a target date for the bar to be open? If not, will you be providing us a update at a sooner date?

    We can accept that things change, things happen, oversights occur, problems arise, even if you do the most meticulous planning, but the very least you can do, is reassure people, inform people, not leave them out or the cold or at least let people know what’s happening next.

    That fact that they have done of this, is quite telling.

    I don’t expect them to give answers that they don’t have, but they could at least tell people what is happening now, even if it’s just stuff they are looking for or researching.

    Since they said that the bar is still going to open even if the Kickstarter worked or notz then I’d be asking further questions… about almost everything.

    The very very very least amount of work they have to do, is make sure the bar meets health and safety regulations and to pay the rent and the electricity.

    Ideally, you would want a big fanfare opening, but if that unrealistically looks like happening anytime soon, then just open the God damn thing and when your ready to refurbish, sart doing a bit of work here and there before opening, leave the big stuff till later on and close for a day or two perhaps.

    I didn’t mention staff wages for a reason, if Peter really wants it to work then he can do some free shifts until he find more permanent staff.

    Ah well… Your guess is as good as mine over what they actually have planned.

    1. the bar has been open for some time, mate, and if you check the other comments here and the slice & dice reply in the video you’ll see that barcadia don’t actually HAVE any plans !

    2. The problem is, as evident in his “I’m Sorry” video, Peter didn’t expect to work in his own bar.

      Nobody wants to work in hospitality, particularly for an arsehole. Shit hours, shit pay, shit work.

      If he didn’t have his head so far up his own arse, Peter would have known this. He’s so far out of touch with reality, likely exacerbated by the fact he hasn’t had a job in years.

      He’d be better off getting himself a job as a greeter at Tesco. Except he’s underqualified.

      1. He’s like Jeremy from Peep Show when he was asked to run a pub “I’ll literally get paid to go to the pub” and then Mark says something like “You’ll be cleaning the toilets, handling the debit card payments” or something like that haha.

  3. Man the online scene is grim.
    Nerd takes 25k for something or another for a Norwich pub.
    Vega plus just takes everyone’s money and just piss it up the wall.
    Ashens mate takes money to open a pizzeria and that never happens but has a lovely new kitchen.
    Octopus or whatever she is now called has taken money for a book that has not been completed in several years.
    Retro hour podcast want money for transcripts for old podcast interviews.
    No wonder people are tuning out, they have had enough.

      1. Begging for donations to then open without any interest, gratitude or acknowledgement to the sender; then nonchalantly throwing them all in to the pile ready to be dumped on their ebay stores?

      2. Wasn’t there that failed actor / “retro” YouTuber who started a gofundme because he and his other half were having a baby? Just pure, unbridled e-begging.

    1. and not before time, mate. these people are fucking SHITBIRDS with zero creativity between the lot of them. A bunch of self-preserving vampires all eager to feed off one another. A horrid, horrid bunch and I hope we see them consigned to the bin of history asap.

  4. Well, this is interesting… on 10th November – just 8 days before the “we’re splitting up” announcement, this was the update on Barcadia’s kickstarter page:

    “Hey folks,
    Thank you so much for bearing with us. We’ve had the majority of the surveys back now, and can now fulfil outstanding rewards (if you haven’t done yours, hurry! 😁).
    Membership Cards 💳
    For those waiting for memberships, updates should follow next week. You should then be able to come to the bar, collect your card and be good to go! If you are unable to collect your membership card, then details on that will also follow.
    Merchandise 🧿
    It’s been more complex than expected getting hold of books, and we’ve had some delays on Barcadia merchandise. However, books should start being sent out next week, with merch details to follow.
    Spriters Resource 🕹
    If you haven’t replied to your survey photo, please do. The graphics for these are getting created as I type.
    VIP Event 🦹‍♀️
    For those waiting for a VIP event, an email will be sent out asking you for more details asap.
    I think that covers it off for now.
    I plan on doing a wider video that will update you on Barcadia fully, along with footage of the “Wall of Game” firmly in place.
    Thank you for bearing with us!
    Much love, Peter, Sam & The Barcadia crew”

    They were still signing off as “Peter, Sam & The Barcadia crew”, and there’s all that talk of the Wall of Game, membership cards, merch, VIP event etc. so what happened to all of that, then? Seems very suspicious that only 8 days after posting this, the Slice+Dice breakup was announced…

    1. this is a fucking joke lol, the majority of surveys have come back in NOVEMBER? I imagine they were back some time before that. It’s fucking straight-up PATHETIC that this stuff hasn’t been delivered by now. the VIP event, lol, fucking hell :-/ Membership cards served up over half a year AFTER the place opens? maybe? fucking hell.

  5. George is like some kind of calamity prophet, this has all played out EXACTLY like he said it would. From the moment that cringey launch video came out (with best mates Ashens, Dazzz and co.) George was on the money. He said it would fail, and fail it has – taking £25k of other people’s money with it, and nothing to show for it. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if Barcadia gasps for cash a few more times before the death rattle finally sounds. I fully expect a “Save Barcadia!” appeal before this is all over. More fool anyone who pledges money to that, if so.

      1. one would imagine so, mate. Peter’s target demographic, based on what’s available in the place, would seem to be 45-50 year old vegans who like cocktails and don’t eat. Narrows things down a bit, really. He’s not thought this through but, then again, he didn’t have to. It’s not his money he’s losing. It’s the mugs who stumped up the 25k.

          1. Yes, I don’t imagine it’s a vibrant community hub. All the photos I’ve seen contain a lot of what my friend calls ‘ghosties’ as in the TV Tan is strong with them. I’m not one to talk, but I’m not routinely propping up bars!

  6. Hello!
    I’m Peter Leigh. You might know me better as Nostalgia Nerd; I make videos on YouTube about old tech and the companies behind it. You might also be familiar with Stuart Ashen (Ashens) and Daniel Brown (Dazz from Did You Know Gaming and Spriter’s Resource fame), who also make YouTube videos.

    We’ve each come from slightly different walks of life, and indeed slightly different eras, but we’ve all held a passion for two things; Retro Games and Death Metal. We also all happen to live in Norwich, UK and get on with each other rather well. So, with this in mind, we decided to hatch a plan; a plan that focuses heavily on Retro Games and Death Metal music.

    Each of us has longed to not only listen to music, but actually make it too, for so long. The reasons are numerous and complex, but it essentially boils down to the fact that we want to not only pick the most expensive instruments to play, but also create a nostalgic noise that feels just like those bands and groups from long ago.

    With this in mind, it would feel ridiculous to keep all this to ourselves, and so we want to share it with the world.

    But we want more than that. We want this band to be the de facto sound of Norwich, and we want it to have a vibrancy and appeal that conjures the social feelings of old for our current selves. To that end it’s going to be a Retro Gaming Death Metal band. Yup, that’s right, we want to take over the world.

    We will have Ashens on the drums, Dazz on the Triangle (and Twitter), Dan Wood on (cheesy) vocals, Octavius on harsh vocals (and book writing), and of course ME, your hero, on lead guitar (and wood work).

    It’s going to be amazing and we can’t wait to bring you many multi-platinum Retro Gaming Death Metal albums, it’s going to be be so much fun. We’ve got absolutely no musical experience but who cares, right? We just need £25k to buy; a drum kit, a triangle, a Twitter blue tick, a Marshall Amp, several microphones, some make-up and a recording studio. Not a lot to ask I’m sure you’ll agree. Although we don’t need the money to do it, ok, but it would be really great to replace the book money Octavius has blown on rats and wine. Love you all. Norwich rules.

    1. I’d love to see a technical death metal band fronted by the nostalgia nerd. Or perhaps a “funeral doom” band playing about 2 chords a minute with him letting off tortured shrieks.

    2. I’ve noticed a trend on the Retro Hour of late, it is Dan boasting about how much money he’s been spending. The latest was on renewing all his conservatory furniture. Doesn’t sound like a podcast that needs help from the listeners to survive does it?

  7. But how can it be closing… it had all those good reviews from all those people that ‘were not directly connected to the bar/owner’

    Never mind, we at least got to see Daz’s stickers, the Wall of Fame, and Ashens regularly appearing…

    He surely hasn’t buggered off to setup a duplicate museum copying Neil @ RMC in every sense though……

  8. Looks like they’re open today with a 2-for-1 cocktail deal. The rat king even posted a picture of himself in the bar itself cracking a joke. Incredible. This is like that “everything is fine” meme only no one is laughing.

  9. Great video, the imminent demise of Barcadia was almost as predictable as the Vega+ debacle!

    As soon as Ashens etc started to distance themselves before it even opened, and they dropped the bombshell that they intended to make what was already a niche interest bar into even more of a niche plant-based vegan offering, the writing was well and truly on the wall.

    As George says. Add in a head-in-the-clouds hippy ‘built it and they will come’ mentality, relying on someone else to put up the cash and do the work, and it was obvious where this was headed.

    Looks like we’re all going to have to look elsewhere to get out marshmallow-fries hungry mitts on some overpriced vegan retro gaming action!

    1. I think it’s more a narcissistic attitude than a hippy one. I think he genuinely thought he had enough “pull” to get people to turn up just to blog about being in a bar that’s owned by a complete fucking bastard. I can’t see how that’d appeal to anyone, or why anyone would want to broadcast the fact should they find themselves unfortunate enough to be in such a position.

      Ashens shouldn’t be forgotten in all this. I’d say “neither should Dan” but lol let’s be honest, who the FUCK is/was Dan, anyway? Someone who seems to think he needs a pat on the back for enabling people to steal sprites from video games? I’ve no fucking idea why that qualifies as ANYTHING, really. It’s the gaming equivalent of binraking at MacDonalds and pulling out all the burger wrappers that people throw away. Probably. Either way, bins are involved. I’m sure of it. THE BASTARDS! But, indeed, Ashens was fully complicit in leading people up the garden path on this one. Everyone involved in making this nonsense a reality is worthy of derision.

      1. Not the first time Ashens has been linked to a kickstarter for a business that suddenly dissapeared with the money and no trace of many of the rewards (wheres the wall of fame, The People Pizzaria, Ashens Star wars night with Barry Lewis…).

        No we haven’t forgotten, and this kind of thing on the internet tends to come back around soon enough.

  10. It will be interesting to see the accounts for Slice and Dice next year to see if the £25,000 debt this year has disappeared.

    Reading between the lines I suspect they have fallen out due to Peter not working/reducing the hours and Sam probably realises that it will be in massive trouble soon and so wants out. I don’t blame her.

    Peter meanwhile (as per his Sorry! video) appears to have set his sites on Neils idea of a museum and probably thinks he can replicate it. The trouble is, Neil has done really well and it appears to be on a firm footing.

    It really irritates me that there will be no apology about Barcadia’s eventual demise and also other members of the circle jerk won’t say a word.

    Slops won’t feature it in one of his videos and Ashens etc.. seem to have disappeared into the sunset despite using themselves to promote it.

    This should not be forgotten.

    1. I would imagine they’ve fallen out because, after the honeymoon period, Sam probably realised that Peter is basically a little scammer who’s not on a sure footing on youtube and doesn’t really have the wherewithal to cash the cheques that his mouth writes. He’s a deeply dislikeable, conniving shitbird and this blatant attempt to fleece the community of 25k so he could play boss man with their money cements that forever in history. Of course there’ll be no apology, he’s done nothing wrong. He tried “his” best, it just so happens that “his” best is about as useful for any business as a chocolate spaceship is for getting through the earths atmosphere.

      1. Reading between the lines, she kept the good staff from Barcadia, as well as the investment, but I suspect it wasn’t just Peter’s attitude to playing bartender, nor the poor quality products on sale that kept people away.

        The fact that there are better arcade offerings in town + better gaming cafes killed Barcadia from the launch onwards, likewise the location in the middle of the pub, lapdance area of the city, in a previously notorious pub kept the families away instantly.

        Add to that the fact that Peter isn’t really the liked youtuber he thinks he is, meant that he couldn’t rely on subs to fill the till to pay homage to him. I’ve spoken to Vegan food bloggers who decreed they wouldn’t set foot in the place, due to the distance/offering/prices and couldn’t make the trip work due to no other facilities nearby to justify their travel costs to investigate.

        And as for the sudden appearance of Octy back into his arms while Sam seemed to be away from the bar, casts a shadow of suspicion that their relationship may have soured when she found out something. after all his efforts to not advertise the bar on social media, nor local press showed that he was trying to shut both it and his connection with Sam as fast as possible, and return to his previous exploits…

  11. Despite living in Norwich, I haven’t been paying attention to Barcadia, but I also can’t say I’m the least bit surprised by this news. As many have said on here previously, it’s the wrong type of business, serving the wrong type of food in the wrong part of town. It seemed like an ill-fated, poorly thought out business from day 1 and I guess the (vegan) chickens are now coming home to roost.

    1. And another thing. If Barcadia is no longer serving food, then that means they have two remaining areas to attract punters: real ale & arcade machines. Good luck to them (sincerely, as they’ll need it!) getting a foothold as a serious ale pub in the literal City of Ale. That’s not going to be easy, as Norwich has an abundance of exceptional ale pubs – the city is famous for it. This means their arcade machine business really needs to shine. But with both Retro Replay and the Albion Games Cafe in close proximity, it’s going to be one hell of an ask to get people through the doors on the gaming draw alone. I’m not sure I understand what Barcadia is doing differently now. How are they going to embrace change and move forward? What is their gimmick? What is the attraction? If I were a backer, I would be furious…

      1. There’s zero gimmick or attraction. As I said in my videos, I genuinely think this is all related to the hubris of one man who can’t see further than his own bubble of self importance. “if you build it, they will come” but, lol, it’s in Norwich and there’s ZERO reason for anyone to want to go there. Even if you DID go to Norwich on a gaming pilgrimage, you’d go to retro replay or the Albion cafe. Barcadia seriously doesn’t get a look in. Stack it all up on paper, list the pros and cons. Barcadia falls WAY short of both of those businesses on every point.

        1. No gimmick or attraction? You’re forgetting about the ten quid’s worth of fake plastic vines from Poundland, to give Barcadia a unique “jungle” theme.

          1. 10 quid? That’s 25 grands worth of plastic artisan vines you hater and troll you!

    2. exactly mate. it was a fucking stupid, narcissistic exercise in self-aggrandisement from an utter prick who’s about as likeable as a nail through the front of your skull. he’s an awful, slimy little man and hopefully this is the last time he’s allowed to shit the bed on someone else’s dime!

  12. Be interesting to find out what the money was spent on. He did say that the project would go ahead even without the money, so why was it needed?
    Where was the jungle theme?
    The food didn’t seem to be done well, unlike Slice n Dice which sounded as if some effort had been put into creating a menu. I hope Sam manages to untangle herself from the financial implications and wish her well.
    Can’t help but feel some business collaboration between NN and Octavius coming along at some point

    1. He’s already paying her to write his content, even though it’s fucking abysmal and about as funny as taking multiple direct kicks to the face. Octavius is an abysmal grief farmer who will NEVER help herself as long as the pity pounds keep piling on (and I don’t mean weight)

    2. It was clear that Barcadia’s food must not be the same as Slice + Dice or the businesses would be in direct competition in effect. So the food for Barcadia was created to be a “Pub snacks” type menu.

      I can only imagine that Pete wanted fancier food it there’s a lot of money to be made on food vs drinks. So perhaps that’s what the new direction is?

      1. there is no new direction, as shown in the video slice&dice replied about that. They just meant they’ll no longer be a partner with them in what they do. To quote directly

        “that was just in reference to moving away from Slice + Dice as we worked collaboratively on menus and drinks offerings etc until now but we won’t be involved at all now, so we can’t speak to any plans for that business from this point. Hope that clears things up for you!”

    3. “Can’t help but feel some business collaboration between NN and Octavius coming along at some point…”

      Yeah. She could include a chapter on it in her long-awaited (crowdfunded) life-story book!

      1. They deserve each other more than ever now. It’s clear they are very much alike.
        I hope Peter gets help before he ruins another person’s livelihood. Given his track record, I expect he won’t.
        Hopefully there is now enough unflattering information on the internet for a cursory search to uncover, should anyone else ever consider him as a business (or life) partner.

  13. Great video Code Tapper and George.

    Do you know where backer can get a refund?

    And will the UK retro gaming YouTubers who backed and promoted this to the hilt offer up apologies for being complicit in this obvious scam?

    1. I think it’s a case of “buyer beware” in this situation, mate. The money is paid, the damage is done and, no, of course that pack of duplicitous, self serving cunts will never apologise for YET AGAIN willingly leading people astray when it comes to moneying their mates!

      1. That’s the sad thing George. They’ll play dumb and claim it’s such a shame it didn’t work out, but in reality they’re not pig thick idiots, they’re ruthless cutthroat business people who only care about themselves and how much money they can make.
        Fake tears and fake commiserations videos are on the horizon.

        1. I’m sure he’ll blame the government, his MP etc.. and it’ll be due to challenging business conditions. Lets face it, if it was a viable business the pub wouldn’t have sat empty for a few years.

        2. “oh, we’ve lost our number one norwich watering hole that we’d visit once in a blue moon for youtube/instagram/twitter content”. it’s pathetic. also, I’d not describe any of these twats as business people. They’re mostly broken people desperate for attention and expecting their fans to fund their drab as fuck, piss boring existences. Whether it’s appearing at a “con” (appropriately named events) to talk ill informed shite on a panel of backslapping cunts or swanning around the streets eating vast quantities of food, it’s just not interesting enough to class as a business, as it doesn’t generate any real income. certainly for the future these people should all be afraid. the jig is up!

          1. I completely agree mate. My description was a bit of a stretch and thus yours is more on the mark.

    2. There is no ‘refund’. All of the crowdfunding sites are designed to take the risk from the creator and put it onto the backer. Thus people like the nerd take advantage of this ‘free money’.

      It was a ludicrous scheme anyway. If you were backing a product I could at least understand people taking a punt. But backing a pub they’ll probably never visit? It’s not like donating to a sanctuary for sick donkeys 100’s of miles away where you can at least feel like you did something to help something in need. It’s just some shit off the internet who didn’t fancy being told ‘no’ by his bank manager or taking any risk himself.

      And he’ll be back with a ‘I tried my best, it was everyone else’s fault’ video followed by another grift that people will throw money at.

      The 50/50 business split will prove interesting. Will he buy her out? What with? What happens to the shares if she’s just walking away? Hmmmmm. I’d ask our resident accountant but he spends his Sundays watching episodes of Doctor Who where the companions wear short skirts so we’ll have to wait until he’s back in the office.

      1. You can be a “silent partner”, someone who has shares but not input in the business but usually less risk as well. But as we know, the shares aren’t exactly moving around as expect already.

        Companies house says no changes yet.

        1. Odd to put out a statement saying there is no connection when legally there is. And what about the other partners that were mentioned in the Kickstarter? Still not showing up as legal shareholders. The whole lot is a shady mess and whatever happens that 25k has vanished somewhere. Needs someone to go full Roger Cook on him but sadly this kind of behaviour is so common these days that few seem to care. Want to see him door stopped. “Roger Cook, Central television. Mr Weasleface Nerd, where did the money go?”


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