14 thoughts on “FuckFractic”

  1. Overdue for a warning shot: AmigaBill and his ilk. Dude’s endorsed some pretty shady fucks (Retropassion, A1200.net, Dave Pleasance) and the latter came back to bite him in the ass.

    He’s not really a partisan, but he for sure needs a course correction.

      1. Gives two-tiered service. To influencers, it’s next-day service, for everyone else a 4 month wait. Any doth protesting = gaslighting / usual bullshit about ‘the community’.

        1. Ah. They were offering recapping at an event, as much as that could be useful can you really expect someone to do a good job with constant interruptions and noise?

  2. Let’s see if his legal team tries to shut this down.
    “What do you mean it’s not on YouTube? In that case I will ask this ‘funky spectrum’ platform support team to shut it down”

    1. being a kid of a kid is going to be hard work. this box headed, simpering wanker has some growing up to do. it’s time to accept reality. at the most you’re entertaining/endearing to 10 year old americunts on youtube, at the least you’re a failed actor who thinks far more of himself than any self respecting casting director ever would !

  3. Mate I thought you went a bit hard on the British rail toilets. Once years ago I was in a clean one !, it even had toilet paper and the stink of dried piss was only just noticeable

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