Top Hat & Lady Decade – Simon Butler responds to allegations

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  1. Wow! This guy is easily amused/confused…

    Thanks for keeping these Varty scumbags under the spotlight. Their sheep-like groupies have such short, selective memories.

    1. Another simp wanting his Morticia Addams fetish fix, we should setup a section called the Lady Dickhead Simps Hall of Shame and stick this clown in at number 1. Saying that, she’ll not be happy with his performance as there’s no links back to her channel or Twitter feed to be seen in the description.

    2. Don’t tell me its an American guy having his mid life crisis giving his thoughts on it with the usual giggling and odd none-witty comments. Like all the rest of the reaction videos YouTube is plagued with.

          1. she’s a complete wanker mate she really is. a deeply unpleasant AND unintelligent mess of a human being !

        1. My personal favorite was when he “reviewed” Mario Kart Super Circuit Live and he created a race course out of diacarded fag packets through his apartment.

    3. yes mate people like this are the worst form of internet “life” around. not only do they completely misunderstand the situation, they stake their simpy flags on an already burning hill and whine that it’s too cold. what an utter prat !

  2. Can I just say that I love the Butler / Cropper interactions? George – I love your stuff, but sometimes its like eating vindaloo 24/7. It’s nice to have a mild korma from time to time.

    1. i understand mate ! i would do more if i could but simon is a lot busier than i am and is hard to pin down ! we’ve had this chat planned since november but things got in the way then this LD situation kicked off which put a bit of a fire under the whole thing 🙂

  3. I think I’ve worked it out.

    Her and her missing husband are going down the ‘shock jock’ route like Talk Sport radio.

    In other words, make outrageous statements to bait people into engaging.

    Both The Mail online and Katie Hopkins take this approach for commercial gain.

    1. That wont end well then because those who still sign up to there patron will get bored and unsub, the community at large will start to turn on her then shes just left with those who cant or wont pay subs to blow smoke up her arse. If you look at the comments on her current videos and twitter posts its simple nonsensical remarks and drivel just like her videos it looks like shes found her lane and target audience.
      I honestly think she starting to lose it, its like shes lashing out at everyone and getting her self worked up with all the strange silly faces and grunting noises. I’ll be surprised if shes not breaking down into fits of rage chewing holes in the carpets behind the scenes.

  4. Bloody hell, I’m kicking myself for not finding this website sooner! Was bummed (no pun intended) to hear about you getting binned from YouTube, but it seems like it’s only unleashed the beast – so to speak. I’ve a lot to catch up on it seems. Keep spreading the good word mate!

  5. They’re a perfect reflection of the times, aping the cynical tactics of politicians, certain news outlets and influencers to manipulate their viewers. They’ll do or say anything for money, hence the faux outrage and ad hominem attacks. It ultimately degrades everyone and is poisoning the hobby. I wonder if we’re all just feeding them and stirring up extra clicks for them because nothing seems to convince their simp audience that they’re being taken for a ride. The virtual silence of the other big UK YouTubers has been a massive help to them. I wonder if anything ever came of that person who said they were an academic and used the infamous crying video to teach their students about online manipulation? Maybe if that lecture made it onto YouTube it would have an impact.

    1. If anyone tries taking Top Twat and Lady Dickhead on, they’ll get piled on by simps and/or ostracized by the rest of the British retro community.

      If anyone in the retro scene ignored Top Twat and Lady Dickhead, they’re accused of aiding and abetting their grift, because “silence is violence”.

      Can’t win, don’t try.

      1. People have took them on and shown them for what they are and they lost a lot of followers dicky then went awol and now hides behind his wife letting her try to claw back followers and when she gets called out by someone and she cant lie her way out of it or get her simps to defend her she blocks them or makes lies up about them to get what simps she has left to raise pitch forks. Also a few of the UK circle jerk tried to defend them and then George dropped the Discord chats on them and those that did defend them turtled up real tight some even tried to wriggle their way out of what they had said and got called out on the bullshit excuses. It’s not about winning its about pulling them up on their bullshit so people can make their own minds up and as we can see from their patreon falling off a cliff people have woken up to them. This is why shes tried to attack Simon by playing on what followers she has got left misplaced sympathy.
        Where the rest of the UK circle jerk let themselves down was when she told them what she was about to do and they said nothing then when she did drop that grifting video they still said nothing they could have put a stop or at the very least minimised the attack on Martin and his family by showing those discord chat logs but they as always turtled up hoping not to get any splash back on themselves.

        1. I was under the impression that they made a mint and gained a lot more patreon income after their video about Martin’s work. Has this evaporated already?

          1. pissed up the wall mate. as most of their “friends” have noted, they’re terrible with money. they overspend on themselves and holidays etc, then the ebegging cap comes out again, and thus the cycle continues.

  6. Through discussions I’ve had with Simon, the phrase clique-bate appeared and applies to their output. It’s a title/post that is designed to trigger their own cult…

    They are SIMPly trying to activate them as a perceived defence to their competence.

  7. Just watched a few minutes of her latest upload where she basically says her fan base need to get off their computers and go outside.

    Thought that was pretty brave of her given the fragility of her income stream of late.

    Btw – watched via Reeder so there’s no ads

  8. You’ll probably moderate this, but you’re backing the wrong horse here George and I feel this nutjob is rubbing off on you. Butler is a deranged stalker who went way OTT with the Wotsit and now Lady Decade. These characters maybe churning out shit content and grifting their audience, but Butler’s insane obsessions are bordering on criminal stalking, the man unhinged. You’d do well to stop supporting him at this stage.

    1. He’s not stalking though is he, hes just putting his thoughts on twatter about a few grifters and twatter has this block feature shes quite good at using when people post anything that might effect her grifting and twatter account in a negative way so she could just block him and he goes away. She says he stalkers her yet Simon proved her accusations of stalking are all bullshit. Either you didn’t watch the interview or your trying to shit stir im guessing both.

      Also take a look at one of her current comments she says he doesn’t know all the much about her and he makes stuff up, he thinks shes from London but shes not so the accusations of Simon contacting her employers is a pure fabrication. See when a person tells lie after lie they start to forget what they’ve said and make new lies up which most of the time contradict each other and here we can see a prime example. As you can see from her twatter feed and videos shes not all that bright but she is very good at manipulation and telling porkies we can all agree on that.

      1. indeed mate he’s not stalking at all, it’s a load of bloody nonsense. kieren hawken said the same when in reality he’s the one reporting people to their places of work for “harassment” (when he himself is the one doing it), constantly following people online, trolling with sock puppets, making up lies to play people off against one another and more. same old story from the sad sack side of the internet, what a pack of arseholes !

    2. comments aren’t moderated here mate and no, i don’t think i am backing the wrong horse. many people have said the same thing to others about me as my opinions are strong and i often express myself in an overly vitriolic way (mostly for the sake of the comedy inherent within) but if we ring fence behaviour and what is and is not acceptable then the vanguard would be an empty place and there would be zero progress. sometimes people have to call out the truth in the way they see it. simon also overreacts to things at times, like myself, according to some but i don’t think in this case he’s overreacting. we’re coming at the situation from slightly different viewpoints, but i believe the majority of his opinions on lady decade to be completely valid, along with his opinions on a great many others in the retro gaming scene. simon is neither unhinged nor a “criminal level stalker”. what lady decade has said in that regard is disproven by her own words (as seen in a comment elsewhere in this section). she has completely overcooked things as usual to make herself seem like the quarry when she most certainly isn’t. simon is simply responding to and giving his thoughts on her nonsensical charade, and whether or not you agree with his way of doing so i do think it’s important that more people do this. if you think these people are “churning out shit content and grifting their audience” then why not make your own videos/podcasts calling this out instead of taking umbrage with the methods used by those who do ? at the end of the day, we all have a different way of expressing ourselves and we all tend to focus on different aspects of problems, that’s why places like nasa employ more than one person to tackle situations and come up with solutions. i think the opinions of others online who have a vested interest in shutting people like simon up and rubbishing his output as “insane stalking” are rubbing off on you. his overall message regarding this pair of twats is sound and reasoned, and, as we touched on (slightly) in this video, it’s very obvious that he’s NOT a stalker or obsessed, he simply finds the topic an interesting one. simon didn’t doxx lady decade, nor did he attempt to contact a place or work or anything of the sort. does she even work ? who knows, i don’t care, what i take exception to is how she chooses to behave online and in that respect i believe the feeling to be entirely mutual.

  9. Kloe Varty is nothing but a liar. It was great if Simon to confirm he only went to one event last year – the Crash event, and LadyDecade sure as hell wasn’t there. I really doubt Kloe would have even been allowed on the premises!

    1. cheers mate i keep trying to rope simon into them ! i need to get a new mic though :/ last time we recorded my mic was playing up so i used my tascam recorder which is usually what i use when i make my videos. however, the tascam records perfect smpte time whereas teamspeak ebbs and flows which meant the conversation drifted out of time so i had to cut out everything i’d said manually and move it around. it literally took about 7 hours to re-set everything so things flowed correctly. i am quite anally retentive like that but it caused my chondritis to flare up again as i was sitting in the same position for so long ! with this episode there was a lot of talkback/echo from simon’s side which i had to mute when i was speaking in the video editor so again it took quite a long time. i will ask him to wear headphones next time and hopefully i can find a cheap but better mic to use as the quality on this episode is not up to snuff but thankfully you can make out simon clearly which is the most important part of it ! thanks for listening mate !

      1. Lol – I think you know the solution to the new microphone problem George – borrow a couple of snivelling children and do a grifting video! You can also tell them Simon’s in bits for good measure ha ha. Seriously mate, technical problems aside the chats are great and I’m sure others would also like to see them uploaded on a regular basis 👌

        1. i should get one of those blue yeti microphones that’s the professional way to go apparently lol i think i will just try to get the more modern tascam dr-05 as that can be used as a mic now via usb, the one i currently have is old and cannot but it’s a great recorder and it’s what i use to do my “normal” videos.

  10. And there it is yet again simp baiting with lies, As i said in a previous comment on the the problem with retro gaming video that was her setting the scene pulling the simps into line and pigeon holing them into age range ready for a full frontal attack on anyone who has no interest in her poor content Gen X and when i say full frontal attack i mean lies and falsehoods only her simp followers would swallow. Then she went after Simon someone who could run rings around the circle jerk and be back in time for a pot of scouse.

    The statement that Simon reads out that starts at the 1:04:00 mark just goes to show what type of Gentleman she picked a fight with.

    So the balls in her court now but i wouldn’t expect any sensible truthful response probably more throwing words around that don’t actually mean anything outside the silly Twatter sphere or maybe more sad face pictures.

  11. When is the Walsall event that Simon mentioned?
    Always enjoy your chats together, two people with understanding and passion for the subject.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. i think it is warsaw mate not walsall (i got these places confused for years when i was younger !). he said he is flying there so i would imagine it’s poland !

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