Ancient Dungeon VR

I play some Ancient Dungeon whilst being hampered by the META ‘recording’ process and a mic setup that is probably some notches below what stig of the dump would use.

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1 month ago

Four years after HALF LIFE Alyx and third party anime girlfriend simulator mods, yet META are still holding out for headsets tot ake off. Until a “phone”, in zoomer talk, is powerful enough to run a gaming headset via Type C Charger, VR is dead.

1 month ago
Reply to  George

I stand corrected I guess. Yet I haven’t seen any physical evidence of a VR/META revolution headsets on par with “wiis” selling out of the back of delivery trucks. I do see a lot of used headsets in the windows of CeX but didn’t realise you don’t need an I5 or I7 PCs to run them anymore.

1 month ago

VR sickness is terrible. After yesterdays afternoon game i felt rough which lasted a good 2 hours and then after eating it got worse and really knocked the stuffing out of me. I ended up lying down on the bed around 9ish and woke up about an hour ago(6am).

VR sickness isn’t to be sniffed at it really can scramble your Vestibular system but i’ve found going to sleep really helps, maybe a sleep is like turning it off and back on again.

I suffer with meniere’s disease which is a rare inner ear issue so maybe that’s part of it too.

Just a quick warning George that old guys who shat his wife out in mineral form is a dirty old bastard. I gave him a hug before exploring the depths of the dungeon yesterday and he tried to cup me. Mumbled something about being lonely. We need to grab one of those slug pigs and bring it back with us George so he can use it as a warm live fleshtube.. Maybe..