Sega Rally 3

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9 months ago

Never had the pleasure of playing the stripped back arcade port of Sega Rally Revo by Sega Racing Studios (Sega killed the studio after this game, the only one it developed). Played the hell out of Revo on PS3 (was also on 360 and PC), though. Revo had more cars and tracks, and while it wasn’t as good as the original or Sega Rally 2 by AM2, Sega Racing Studios produced a good follow-up. Shame Sega then got scummy, and got Sumo Digital to port SR3 back to PS3, 360 and PC under the title of Sega Rally Arcade Online to double-dip and fleece people.

10 months ago

Great game this – all the Sega rally arcade games are good to be fair. Lots of fond memories of playing the Saturn version to death aswell 😊

10 months ago
Reply to  George

Check out the Saturn version of sega rally 1 George – it doesn’t have the Arcade resolution but they’ve certainly nailed the feel and gameplay – it’s great stuff 😊👌