R:Racing – Here comes a new challenger!

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11 months ago

Alrite George? Was waiting for this one. Didn’t disappoint. Firstly, there’s no ban on women being in F1. There’s a fair few really quality drivers in female series that technically would be eligible, and it’s high time someone gets a top seat. The thing is racing is something that is typically begun at a very young age, and predominantly an activity participated in by boys. I myself did some karting back in the day (hence my enthusiasm for these racing games haha!) and don’t recall any girls driving unfortunately. But technically speaking – there’s nothing prohibiting a female from going through F3, F2, and F1.

On R Racing Evolution, I’m glad you enjoyed it! The aggro mechanic is genuinely pretty unique and like you said, I’ve not seen it on any other racing game. It’s a shame because it’s a really refreshing take on driver AI. It forces the player to get their elbows out and drive aggressively, which plays into the more arcade roots of Ridge Racer, while also presenting opportunities for some rather amusing spins and crashes. The latter of which is something we almost never see the computer AI do in racing games – make mistakes. Also, I’m glad you showcased Monaco. It’s such an iconic track and I always get excited to see it’s depiction in video games. Formula One on PS1 (not F1 98, just Formula One) is really really good too. I’d advise checking it out if you’re interested. Anyway, Monaco on that game, as well as it’s appearances on Gran Turismo 3 and 4 are always cool. Something about the Monegasque city skyline, blue skies, it’s all so vibrant. Unfortunately it doesn’t make for a particularly exciting Formula 1 race these days due to the cars being so big that it’s virtually impossible to overtake. The winners of Monaco in F1 is usually decided during Qualifying nowadays. Still, there’s a bunch of really old F1 footage from the 1960s and 70s of the race, including on board driver cams which is pretty incredible to watch.

I’m going off on a tangent here, but yeah, R Racing is a blast!